Why usewalter is the app no one can live without

Usewalter, previously known as GOLO, offers a “Final 100 Foot” management service for all deliveries entering your building.
  • Hit by the pandemic, Usewalter, previously known as GOLO, shuttered delivery operations to save cash but has now re-launched as an urban living tech provider
  • After acquiring Walter Innovations, the resulting new company will draw on its expertise with tech to relaunch with over 35,000 residential units under contract
  • Complexities of the final 100 feet of delivery coupled with products in urban settings absorb 50 per cent of a delivery company’s spend
Usewalter provides smart building technologies to multi-residential units in high density population areas.

“We are creating smart building technology that provides convenience and service to property managers, and people who live and work in buildings.”

Developers and property managers who use Walter can provide a superior and simpler living experience to their residents.
A look at Usewalter’s task manager.
With Usewalter, property managers can easily and cost-effectively track all assets from a centralized hub that includes customized tools tailored for each property.
Through Usewalter, you can stay in touch with your property manager, receive important notifications about your building, and more.
Usewalter represents a cost-effective, smart technology solution for building managers to support premium pricing per square foot.




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