Voyager Digital is gearing up for rapid growth with new acquisition and all-star crypto partnership

Smart wallet depiction.
  • Cryptocurrency has gained significant traction over the last few years as more investors and institutions pour into Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ether, among others
  • Voyager Digital, a publicly traded cryptocurrency platform, is honing in on its partnerships by teaming up with NBA all-star, Victor Oladipo and NASCAR driver, Landon Cassill; acquiring Coinify; and partnering with Blockdaemon and Market Rebellion
  • The company has seen massive growth this year, including a hike from 43,000 to 665,000 funded accounts in just six months

“I cannot be more enthusiastic long-term and that’s because we see this crypto ecosystem developing with substantial amounts of what I would define as the smart money on the institutional [investing] side looking to get involved.” — George Sutton, Partner, Craig-Hallum Capital Group LLC.

Voyager boasts a simple-to-use mobile app for buying, selling, and earning yield on crypto assets, and has been rapidly expanding its business and user base.

“If you’re taking care of your customers, your token holders, and your employees, then your investors are going to be taken care of.” — Steve Ehrlich, CEO and co-founder, Voyager Digital, LLC.

Voyager isn’t done creating strategic partnerships with other companies whose cultures match its approach, which is more tech than traditional finance: go fast, break things, bring innovative products to market.



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