Through ride sharing, food delivery, and vehicle subscription, this tech ecosystem has you covered

Facedrive is a multi-faceted platform offering socially responsible services to local communities.
  • Environmental and socially responsible firms are growing in popularity among Millennials
  • Facedrive has enhanced its portfolio to include food delivery from local restaurants, contact tracing wearable solutions, and car-sharing with electric vehicles
  • Facedrive Health is developing COVID-19 contact tracing tech with a choice of wearables for employees at busy workplaces; Air Canada is testing this technology

“What if we built this organization more into an ESG platform, with multiple pillars, where a user can come into the one ecosystem, understand the value and be part of something they truly believe in?”

  • Millennial investors view companies with strong social and environmental practices as more profitable and overall superior long-term investments
  • Millennials are more likely than Baby Boomers to believe that companies with good social and environmental practices will be more profitable
  • 82 per cent of millennial investors believe that responsible investing will become more important in the next 5 years
  • 67 per cent believe it is important for their financial advisor to be knowledgeable about RI issues and trends, compared to 52 per cent of Gen X and 54 per cent of Boomers




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