This budding B.C.-based cannabis company is transforming the genetics game

British Columbia’s cultivation is well-known across the world and recognized as some of the finest.
  • A partnership with elite genetic library, Phenome One, is the source of Pac Roots’ emphasis on premium genetics
  • Outdoor cultivation at Rock Creek, B.C. is producing premium-quality flower at exponentially lower costs
  • Through a new brand acquisition, Pac Roots is breaking into the American market by way of its thriving motorcycle culture

“For us, it wasn’t about economies of scale, pumping out mediocre grade product from an incredibly large square footage. It was going to be a smaller footprint, with higher quality, that would have more longevity and better success rates.” — Patrick Elliott, President, CEO and Director, Pac Roots Cannabis Corp.

One such company leading the charge is Pac Roots Cannabis Corp. (CSE: PACR | OTCQB: PACRF | FSE: 4XM), a Canadian cultivator that pairs an enhanced emphasis on elite genetics with industry-leading innovation allowing them to deliver high-quality yields — at prices drastically lower than those of their competition.



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