Sonoro Gold offers investors a unique opportunity with its Cerro Caliche Project

Cerro Caliche is a group of concessions which contain eight historic gold mining sites. , Image courtesy of Market One Media
  • Location continues to be a major factor in a mining company’s success
  • Mexico’s Sonora State is known as prime gold country, specifically within their 632-area code
  • Sonoro Gold is a relatively new exploration and development company in the region and is already on the fast-track to production

“Sonoro Gold offers investors a unique opportunity to get in on the ground floor of something special.

— John Darch, Chairman, Sonoro Gold Corp.

View of regional hub, Magdalena de Kino, located 45 km from Cerro Caliche.
This map shows the location of the recent 20 RC drill holes as well as the proximity between the Buena Suerte and Japoneses gold mineralized zones.
Four major gold mineralized zones.



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