Recent acquisitions have PopReach well-positioned to capitalize on US$70B+ mobile gaming industry

PopReach is a free-to-play mobile game publisher with a unique risk mitigating strategy of consolidating and improving proven game franchises. , Image courtesy of Market One Media Group
  • The mobile game industry was one of the highest performing industries in 2020, hitting USD$77.2 billion in revenue and showing no signs of slowing in 2021
  • PopReach is a cash flow positive mobile gaming company that is executing on an innovative low-risk strategy for game acquisition, with significant growth in its 2020 cash flow and EBITDA from the optimization of its acquired assets
  • Already in 2021, PopReach has acquired Peak — Brain Training and PAYDAY Crime War mobile gaming assets, and has a strong balance sheet to support more acquisitions

“Chris and I had observed many occasions where successful live games were under-optimized, leaving significant revenue on the table by not delivering the right experience for players. We knew we could fix these things, and build a thriving business in the process.”
– Jon Walsh, CEO, PopReach Corporation.

Meet this team of experts in mobile gaming

PopReach’s Smurfs’ Village, originally launched in 2010.
War of Nations, a player vs player game.

“We view PopReach’s strategy of acquiring mature games as a key differentiator supporting sustained outperformance as a consolidator.”
— Rob Goff, Head of Research, Telecom Services & New Media Analyst at Echelon Wealth Partners.

PopReach targets game acquisitions where the purchase price can be paid back from operating cash flows in less than three years, and where the expected lifespan is at least five years. The company is focused on games generating between USD$2 to $10 million, which is too small for traditional game publishers’ other industry consolidators. The competitive landscape is thus quite favourable, as there are no direct competitors for the size of assets PopReach acquires. In fact, the company has yet to find itself in a competitive bidding situation!

Gardens of Time, PopReach’s hidden object title.
A look at PopReach’s Kingdom of Camelot.



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