How VSBLTY is making massive inroads into Latin America with its retail and security software

Through engaging digital content, an immersive customer experience is created via digital displays. , Image courtesy of Market One Media
  • VSBLTY software will power digital displays in Modelorama stores and mom-and-pop shops in Mexico
  • The network will provide a security component as well as brand advertising while collecting customer analytics and POS data for retailers and brands
  • VSBLTY has also signed a deal to provide a network of digital displays and cameras in an airport in Guatemala City

“This media network is so effective, because you have ads running in a store where the shopper makes a purchase decision, and you have many shoppers attracted to the screens.”

— Rodrigo Velasco, CEO & Co-founder, Retailigent Media.

An example of a digital display advertising beer.
  • A shopper in a Modelorama store or independent corner store will see a digital display showing promotions on certain products — for instance, Grupo Modelo’s Pacifico beer, Diet Coke and Lays potato chips. They then move about the store, select their purchases, pay and leave.
  • The computer vision-equipped digital display — which does not record video or collect or store any identifying information — monitors the shopper, registering and assessing how long they spend watching promotional videos as well as their reactions, and recording that information which gets integrated with sales from the point-of-sale (POS) system.
  • The data gathered is synthesized, analyzed and shared with the retailer, and advertisers to show sales lift and demographic information about the average shopper.
Digital kiosks represent an ideal intersection of appeal and functionality.
VSBLTY’s software will be used in digital kiosks for advertisement purposes, as well as for security purposes.



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