How the emerging world of virtual reality gaming is creating opportunities for YDX Innovation

Arkave VR provides the most engaging and entertaining VR games at the best price of the market and a truly immersive experience for your clients.
  • While still technically challenging to use, virtual reality hardware has finally come of age, creating the potential for the technology to become ubiquitous in homes, businesses, and schools
  • With the launch of Arkave Arenas last year, YDX Innovation is developing plug-and-play virtual reality gaming venues
  • Through acquisitions, YDX is creating a presence in growing the e-gaming field

“The hardware has caught up to the hype.”

Arkave VR is the most immersive, cost-effective and flexible free roam virtual reality gaming platform on the market.
Virtual reality and esports are appointed as key sectors seeing above average market growth during/after the COVID-19 pandemic.



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