How Perimeter Medical aims to transform cancer surgery with its innovative tech

Perimeter is dedicated to providing solutions that drive better patient care and lower healthcare costs. , Image courtesy of Market One Media
  • Many women who have surgery to remove cancerous tissue from their breasts have to undergo additional procedures if more cancer cells are found post-op
  • Perimeter Medical Imaging AI is developing innovative imaging technology embedded with AI to scan excised breast tissue in minutes in the OR with the goal of preventing additional surgeries

“The current intraoperative imaging methodologies do not reliably give you that microscopic information and that’s where Perimeter comes in. It could basically solve that dilemma.”

Perimeter’s technology provides ultra-high resolution sub-surface imaging in real-time.
The negative impacts of reoperating include emotional stress, discomfort, poorer cosmetic outcomes, and delays in post-surgical treatments.

“Because from the time you’re diagnosed to the time that it’s taken out of your body, you just want it out. That’s all you can think about: ‘Get this thing out.’”

Doctor and patient reviewing a mammogram.
Atlas is a broad-based tissue library with pathology verified tissue structure correlations.
Perimeter is committed to bringing its novel medical imaging technology to market and developing AI technology through its ATLAS AI Project.




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