How Newtopia’s next-generation habit change platform puts disease prevention front and centre

Newtopia is a tech enabled disease prevention company focused on healthy habit change.
  • The telehealth market is expected to be valued at USD$175 billon by 2026
  • Newtopia recorded a record revenue of $2.69 million in Q2 2020
  • As the company scales, it plans to increase the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence to generate better habit change outcomes for a larger number of participants

“I’ve taken to calling this a lightning strike moment for disease prevention.”

— Jeff Ruby, founder and CEO, Newtopia.

Newtopia has seen some of the highest engagement rates in the company’s history among their participants during the pandemic.
With genetic testing, a simple saliva test is provided to help you learn about yourself and further personalize your experience and recommendations.
Newtopia’s Inspirator will share daily goals, tips and video lessons directly to the app.
  • The right integrative lifestyle content — nutrition + exercise + behavioral well-being
  • The right personalized engagement model designed to tap into intrinsic motivation for each participant
Newtopia has been designed to help people improve their health by making the right habit changes.



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