How ION Energy is ready for the third wave of the clean energy revolution

A traditional Yurt in Mongolia, a type of tent very popular throughout the country.
  • Companies and consumers want to battle climate change through alternative energy sources, driving demand for electric vehicles to an all-time high
  • Located in one of Mongolia’s largest and least explored salars thought to contain elevated lithium brine values is ION Energy’s Baavhai Uul project
  • Preparing for a new wave in the clean energy space, Ion Energy has appointed an extremely qualified team for their project

“ION Energy is well poised to become a major player in the battery metals space.”

— Ali Haji, CEO, ION Energy Ltd.

The mountainous region of Ulziit, showcasing the diverse topography of the country.
Another topographically diverse region in the country: Nogoonnuur, Mongolia.
  • Matthew Wood: ION’s Chairman and also the Chairman of Mongolia-based Steppe Gold
  • Enkhtuvshin Khishigsuren: An ION Director with 30 years of experience operating in Mongolia, with several metal deposit discoveries to his credit
  • Paul Fornazzari: The former Chair and co-founder of Lithium Americas and Board member at Neo-Lithium, a company that is developing a lithium mine in conjunction with China’s Gangfeng Lithium, is on ION Energy’s advisory board
  • Don Hains: An ION advisory board member who has worked on energy metals and lithium projects all over the world, including in China and Mongolia



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