How Gold Line and EMX have found a gold miner’s dream in Sweden

Gold Line Resources owns a prospective portfolio of four high-grade gold exploration projects in Sweden.
  • Gold prices hit a record high in August 2020, providing a ton of excitement for the market
  • Gold has a low correlation to other assets and is less affected by COVID-19’s impact on the stock market
  • COVID makes exploration of unproven areas riskier but makes proven areas all the more appealing

“We got a district-scale play surrounded by operating mines in a first world country. You would never find that in North America.”

The company has multiple projects under its belt in Sweden.
The Blåbärliden project has several untested geophysical and geochemical targets with similar signatures to those found at the Barsele deposit.
Management’s goal is to grow shareholder value through the continued exploration of the large and highly prospective portfolio of projects in the Gold Line Mineral Belt and Skelleftea Belt in Sweden.




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