How CubicFarms is feeding a changing world with its automated indoor growing technology

CubicFarms provides sustainable and profitable commercial-scale automated indoor growing systems for local produce and fresh livestock feed. , Image courtesy of Market One Media
  • In an already tumultuous year, agriculture is facing supply chain disruptions and unpredictable climate changes
  • To combat this, CubicFarms offers new automated indoor farming systems that could revolutionize global food supplies
  • With multiple patents in the ag-tech space, CubicFarms is poised for further expansion

“We believe long food supply chains are dangerous. As a technology company in the agriculture business, we’ve seen the challenges with growing outdoors. The solution is in using technology to make locally grown produce more widely accessible, 365 days a year, not just here, but anywhere in the world.”

CubicFarms’ produce is grown onsite in an indoor, controlled environment, for delicious greens harvested at the peak of freshness, bringing food production closer to home.
Each module is custom-built, stainless steel container. Trays move along a patented undulating path.
The HydroGreen Grow System’s automated seeder spreads half an inch of small grain seed on the growing surface, growing from seed to feed in six days, with less land, water, labour, and energy.




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