How cloud technology is revolutionizing data management in the public sector

Using cloud technology, HealthSpace has a suite of products designed to make permitting and inspection management easier. PHOTO BY SUPPLIED
  • COVID-19 has shown governments and health departments the importance of efficient, flexible information management
  • Originally focused on permitting and inspections, HealthSpace’s solutions have broad potential applications across all areas and levels of government
  • The company’s COVID-19 contact tracing app has already played a major role in helping public health departments keep up with overwhelming amounts of data

“We are the first company to create a cohesive, low-code, self-service platform that will allow government agencies to take their data management into the next generation.” — Silas Garrison, CEO and Director, HealthSpace Data Systems Ltd.

Cloud-hosted platforms were already emerging within the government space as the next-generation solution for data management, but the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has hastened their adoption dramatically.

Innovative health departments use HealthSpace to more efficiently manage their entire inspection and permitting process to make the results readily available to citizens. PHOTO BY SUPPLIED
With HSCloud, you can quickly schedule, process and approve inspection reports. PHOTO BY SUPPLIED
HealthSpace has implemented a platform to automatically contact and collect information and amplify contact tracing. PHOTO BY SUPPLIED
HealthSpace has expanded its product offering into the clinical health vertical. PHOTO BY SUPPLIED



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