A forgotten copper treasure is creating a golden future for Meridian Mining

On-site at the Cabaçal project , Image courtesy of Market One Media Group
  • Cabaçal represents a low risk, pre-defined copper-gold mineralized envelope, providing an optimal geometry for open pit resource development and expansion
  • There is more market demand for copper than there is supply and the race is on to fill the supply gap; Meridian Mining has found a promising way to help with its Cabaçal project
  • The Cabaçal West EM target represents a significant growth potential for Cabaçal to be tested with new EM equipment in late June early July

“Cabaçal has been essentially hidden in a cardboard box in the archives. It has been inactive for 30 years and off the playing field until now.”
— Gilbert Clark, Executive Chairman, Meridian Mining UK S.

The company’s Cabaçal project is a camp scale VMS project in Mato Grosso that’s underexplored and under-developed compared to other VMS Camps.



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