A diversified portfolio makes Namibia Critical Metals an investment vehicle you should not ignore

Lofdal area drilling , Image courtesy of Market One Media
  • Demand for critical metals has spiked in recent years, as metals used in permanent magnets like dysprosium and terbium have become crucial to the modern economy
  • Namibia Critical Metals controls a diversified portfolio of metals projects in Namibia, including Lofdal, a JV-funded rare earths project rich in dysprosium and terbium
  • The company just posted a huge increase in Lofdal’s resources, giving them a flagship project to anchor their other metals projects, which include gold

“Our resource update on Lofdal puts the project unequivocally among the top heavy rare earth element projects in the world. It’s a fantastic position to be in.”
— Darrin Campbell, President, Namibia Critical Metals

Why Namibia?
As a mining locale, Namibia is not necessarily top-of-mind among mining investors, but it is a very favorable jurisdiction.



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